3 Benefits of Using Private Driving Lessons for Your Delivery Drivers


If your company uses delivery drivers for parts, food, or other items then you know the importance of having reliable drivers. You may have started taking on drivers that had a valid license and no driving violations, but that doesn't always mean you are getting the best drivers. One step you can take is to have them go through a private driving lesson course. Here are a few of the benefits using a private driving lesson instructor can bring to your delivery drivers.

Incorporating Company Specifics

One of the things that a private driving coach and private lessons can do for your delivery drivers is incorporate company specifics. For example, if your drivers have a checklist they need to follow while out on deliveries, you can have those incorporated into the lesson to ensure they understand and follow the checklist properly. This is a key advantage, especially if checking in with a dispatch unit is required as part of the end of a delivery or required to start a new one.

GPS Navigation Lessons

When your drivers use GPS navigation they may or may not be doing it safely. They also may not be using the right GPS for the job or the right settings. This can be incorporated into the private driving lessons as both a written skills test and a driving test. Your private driving teachers can ensure that your drivers know which GPS software to use, what settings to use to avoid traffic issues, and that they are using the GPS safely while driving.

Potential Issues and Correction

A benefit that many companies see in using private driving lessons for their delivery drivers is the ability to catch potential issues and correct them quickly. Though issues can be detected in larger driving lessons and courses, a private teacher can focus on the driver and focus on key points they may be doing wrong that could be overlooked if there are several additional students to monitor. The instructor can work with the student to correct these issues at the time they occur and ensure they are meeting not only your delivery guidelines but also traditional driving guidelines and laws as well.

These are just three of the benefits you could find from using a private driving lesson instructor for your delivery drivers. Though this may increase your expenses, it can ensure that your drivers are prepared for the deliveries they will have and for working within the guidelines of your company.


11 May 2015

Private Lessons and the Benefits of Individualised Instruction

Hi, my name is Christine, and I want to welcome you to my blog. When my kids were in school, they had a lot of trouble... sometimes, the class was moving too quickly for them, and other times, the material was just presented too slowly. Because of that, I signed them up for private lessons. Between my three children, they took private swimming, writing, piano and violin lessons. We had a range of teachers, I loved how they could move at their own pace. I also did a lot of research on why individualised instruction tends to be successful for kids. For my kids, it was nice for them to have that stability and personal attention. It even helped to outweigh some of the issues they were having in school. If you want to learn more about the benefits of individualised instruction, please explore my posts! Thanks, Christine