Take a Break from Giving Driving Lessons: Why You Should Hand the Reigns Over to Local Driving Schools


Taking your teenager out for driving lessons can be gruelling. Not only do teenagers rarely listen when you try and correct their behaviours, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Here are some great reasons why outsourcing the job of teaching your teenagers to drive can be best handled by a driving instructor.

Dual controls

As your driving instructor has dual controls they can let the learner driver experiment with how hard to brake, while still have the ability to brake hard to avoid an accident. This is much less stressful for your teenager than you grabbing for the steering wheel or wrenching on the hand brake when they do something dangerous. This can help your teenager learn how to drive quicker, and save you and your car from damage.

Experience in comparing driving levels

When you have only taught one driver, it can be hard to accurately gauge how much your teenager has improved, as they have gone from not being able to drive at all to having some driving ability. Driving instructors can compare your teenager to the spread of learner drivers that they see and can accurately compare how well they have progressed and how much more work there is to do.

This leads to a short and more efficient process of learning how to drive. Driving instructors work from a structured lesson plan, which ensures that all of the necessary skills are learnt in the right order.

Experience with current driving test protocols

The driving instructor will be familiar with the current test format, and in many cases know the local streets and locations that the driving instructors frequent for testing purposes. This can help your teenager to get comfortable with locations they'll be tested in, leading to less stress, and a more comfortable and easy to manage testing process for them.

They are also able to mimic the style of the tester appropriately, with a similar style of clipboard and similar voice inflection and instructions. This can be harder for parents who have not had recent experience with being tested on their driving.

Taking a break from teaching your child how to drive yourself can give you a break from a stressful experience, and can help them learn how to drive more quickly. Make a call to organise some formal lessons through schools like Roadwise Driver Training and make some plans to enjoy some extra free time.


24 June 2015

Private Lessons and the Benefits of Individualised Instruction

Hi, my name is Christine, and I want to welcome you to my blog. When my kids were in school, they had a lot of trouble... sometimes, the class was moving too quickly for them, and other times, the material was just presented too slowly. Because of that, I signed them up for private lessons. Between my three children, they took private swimming, writing, piano and violin lessons. We had a range of teachers, I loved how they could move at their own pace. I also did a lot of research on why individualised instruction tends to be successful for kids. For my kids, it was nice for them to have that stability and personal attention. It even helped to outweigh some of the issues they were having in school. If you want to learn more about the benefits of individualised instruction, please explore my posts! Thanks, Christine