Why You Should Go Back To Driving School


Almost everyone thinks of themselves as being an above average driver--but, of course, it simply isn't possible for almost everyone to be above average! If you've been off the road for a little while, you've had some recent near misses or you've recently qualified and there are still some things you're not sure about, taking safe driving lessons or some advanced driver training lessons might be the best decision you could possibly make. But what will you learn on a course like this, and who should consider signing up for one? Read on to learn more about the benefits of going back to driving school--no matter who you are or how long you've been in the driver's seat.

You'll be at less risk of being involved in an accident

The Australian government needs to spend approximately $27 billion dealing with road crashes every year, and the number of deaths on Australia's roads has risen since 2015. Crashes are a serious problem, but by taking an advanced driving course or a refresher course to supplement what you learned when you passed your test, you can help to change that. Studies have shown that drivers with extra training are safer on the roads and less likely to be involved in accidents and collisions.

You'll use less fuel--saving both money and the environment

The way you drive your car can have a massive impact on the amount of fuel you're using, but the standard driving test does nothing to address this. By learning how to drive more efficiently, you'll use less fuel and need to fill the tank less often.

You'll see less wear and tear on your car as time passes

Not all driving accidents are serious--and some you might not even realise have happened at all. Everyone bumps up onto a kerb or scrapes past a barrier from time to time, but did you know that these tiny, inconsequential mishaps are shortening the lifespan of your car? Taking an extra course can go a long way toward limiting wear and tear on your vehicle.

You'll probably save money on your insurance premiums

Some of the major advanced courses are now recognised by some of the major insurance providers, and it's possible you'll get a direct discount simply for passing the course. Even if you don't, though, all those years without needing to register an incident or make a claim will add up: your premiums will fall and your bank balance will rise.


21 November 2016

Private Lessons and the Benefits of Individualised Instruction

Hi, my name is Christine, and I want to welcome you to my blog. When my kids were in school, they had a lot of trouble... sometimes, the class was moving too quickly for them, and other times, the material was just presented too slowly. Because of that, I signed them up for private lessons. Between my three children, they took private swimming, writing, piano and violin lessons. We had a range of teachers, I loved how they could move at their own pace. I also did a lot of research on why individualised instruction tends to be successful for kids. For my kids, it was nice for them to have that stability and personal attention. It even helped to outweigh some of the issues they were having in school. If you want to learn more about the benefits of individualised instruction, please explore my posts! Thanks, Christine