Why You Should Go Back To Driving School


Almost everyone thinks of themselves as being an above average driver--but, of course, it simply isn't possible for almost everyone to be above average! If you've been off the road for a little while, you've had some recent near misses or you've recently qualified and there are still some things you're not sure about, taking safe driving lessons or some advanced driver training lessons might be the best decision you could possibly make.

21 November 2016

Take a Break from Giving Driving Lessons: Why You Should Hand the Reigns Over to Local Driving Schools


Taking your teenager out for driving lessons can be gruelling. Not only do teenagers rarely listen when you try and correct their behaviours, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Here are some great reasons why outsourcing the job of teaching your teenagers to drive can be best handled by a driving instructor. Dual controls As your driving instructor has dual controls they can let the learner driver experiment with how hard to brake, while still have the ability to brake hard to avoid an accident.

24 June 2015

3 Benefits of Using Private Driving Lessons for Your Delivery Drivers


If your company uses delivery drivers for parts, food, or other items then you know the importance of having reliable drivers. You may have started taking on drivers that had a valid license and no driving violations, but that doesn't always mean you are getting the best drivers. One step you can take is to have them go through a private driving lesson course. Here are a few of the benefits using a private driving lesson instructor can bring to your delivery drivers.

11 May 2015